Course Outline (BWE)

Fee (Per Student): $500 per unit

Core Units:

  • CMTTHE803A Application of Christian Teaching 1 (Research and assess Biblical concepts and present day Christian life and practice)
  • CMTMIN802A Application of Christian Teaching 2 (Research and assess concepts about God in relation to the way we live as Christians)
  • CMTTHE804A Research topic (Research and assess information within a theological area of study)

Restricted Choice Elective Units:

  • BSBATSIL512A Leadership (Be a community leader)
  • CHCCD615A Community development (Develop and implement community development strategies)
  • PSPSCI701A Innovation (Create innovation and change through extension)

Free Choice Elective Units:

  • BSBREL701A Community partnerships (Develop and cultivate collaborative partnerships and relationshio)
  • BSBWOR502B Team management (Ensure team effectiveness)