Course Outline (BWA)

Fees (Per Student): $500 per unit

Core Units:

  • CMTTHE601A Analyse and critique religious traditions in the light of current thinking
  • CMTTHE602A Analyse and critique theological data
  • CMTTHE603A Analyse and critique data within a theological theme or issue
  • CMTTHE604A Critique new insights on theological information
  • CMTMIN601A Synthesise theological ideas and the Christian way of life
  • CMTMIN602A Communicate theology in substantial depth

Elective Units:

  • CHCCD606C Establish and develop community organisations
  • CHCMH301C Work effectively in mental health
  • CHCORG610B Manage change in a community sector organisation
  • CHCCS422B Respond holistically to client issues and refer appropriately