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Then there's a load of acronyms such as these:

ANTA Australian National Training Authority, which was abolished in 2005.

AQF The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), a system of qualifications that ranges from the certificates for the simplest menial skill up to postgraduate research qualifications

AQTF Australian Quality Training Framework

ARF Australian recognition Framework, the predecessor to the AQTF

AVETMISS Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard

CBA Competency Based Assessment

CBT Competency Based Training

CBTA Competency Based Training and Assessment

DEST Department of Education Science and Training

NRT Nationally Recognised Training (the logo that RTOs may use)

NTF National Training Framework, which means the national VET system endorsed and comprising the AQTF and nationally endorsed Training Packages.

NTIS National Training Information Service (www.ntis.gov.au)

NTQC National Training Quality Council (now called National Quality Council)

NQC National Quality Council

RCC Recognition of Current Competencies:
  1. An obsolete term for RPL
  2. Verification that a students still has the  competencies stated in a qualification or statement of attainment

RPL Recognition of Prior Learning

RTO Registered Training Organisation

VET Vocational Education and Training

And in line with current trends, language may not be gender specific.