Safe and healthy environment

Establish and maintain a safe and healthy environment for children CHCCN511A



1. Assess the safety of environment and make any necessary improvements.

  • Use the ACAS inspection form and adjust it according to your probably hazards.

2. Plan the response to accidents and emergencies

  • Write your evacuation procedures or check that they are up to date.
  • Write your emergency procedures for all the kinds of normal emergencies (or check that they are up to date). Include delegation of tasks during emergencies and post-emergency procedures.

3. Write a supervision plan, implement it, and review it.

4. Promote hygiene and safety practices

5. Promote appropriate responses to illnesses

6. Monitor travel and excursions

  • Write your safety procedures for excursions and transport or check that they are up to date.
  • Run at least one excursion and monitor safety throughout.

7. Advise workers what to do when abuse is identified or investigated.