Quality assurance

Manage children's services workplace practice to address regulations and quality assurance CHCIC501A

This unit is about evaluating a childcare organization through quality assurance and managing its regulatory compliance. In childcare centres, senior staff must be able to prepare an accreditation renewal..




1. Get a copy of the standards for children's services and see how they apply to your organization.

  1. Locate and interpret regulations, quality assurance standards, legislation, and statements of best practice
  2. Maintain current knowledge of regulations and quality assurance standards for the children's services industry
  3. Interpret and meet regulatory requirements in a timely manner and within the limits of your own job role and expertise.
  4. Ask for advice from a higher authority (e.g. childcare peak body) if the standards are unclear


2. Facilitate an organizational self evaluation

  1. Conduct focus groups, questionnaires and/or interviews with clients to receive feedback
  2. Conduct focus groups, questionnaires and/or interviews with other stakeholders to receive feedback
  3. Audit records (e.g. look for suitable policies and procedures, improvements decided on, improvements implemented, documentation of necessary processes, stakeholder feedback, complaints, etc.)
  4. Complete self evaluation report for the organization in which practice is reviewed against nominated standards and regulations
  5. Complete appropriate documentation


3. Facilitate the development of a quality improvement plan

  1. Assess the organization's performance against the standards and identify gaps and opportunities for improvement
  2. Write a quality improvement plan, including goals, performance criteria, and timeframes to evaluate progress
  3. Develop strategies to address identified gaps and implement improvements
  4. Where appropriate, consult relevant stakeholders in developing a quality improvement plan


4. Implement the plan

  1. Regularly monitor its implementation
  2. Prepare regular written reports against the plan and present them to relevant parties
  3. Revise the plan according to relevant feedback
  4. Develop or revise policy as needed


5. Coordinate the organization for an external evaluation

  1. Inform and involve relevant stakeholders about the external evaluation process
  2. Schedule interviews with staff and management where appropriate
  3. Prepare all documentation for examination
  4. Identify strategies to ensure continuous improvement mechanisms and integrate into work systems


6. Manage legislative and regulatory compliance in children's services organization

  1. Demonstrate commitment to compliance with children's services regulations and relevant quality assurance standards
  2. Analyze compliance outcomes and report on suggested strategies for increasing compliance
  3. Assess risks of non compliance with regulations and quality assurance standards for childcare and develop strategies to address them (Follow your organization's policy.)
  4. Report on compliance issues in line with regulations, standards, legislation and organization requirements
  5. Lead staff in compliance issues:
    • Give staff opportunities to discuss, clarify and meet regulatory requirements and encourage them to do so.
    • Disseminate information about compliance requirements in a way that staff understand and can implement
    • Confirm that staff understand regulatory and standards obligations and determine their needs for professional development
    • Create learning opportunities for all staff from situations of compliance and noncompliance without compromising confidentiality or privacy.


7. Other skills

  1. Treat all parents and children equitably, including Indigenous people
  2. Work with cultural diversity.