Job description

(Diploma intern in childcare)

  1. Participate in team meetings, and lead when asked
  2. Do applied field research of program aspects that will improve the program
  3. Supervise unstructured play
  4. Identify the range of structured activities that need to be offered and plan, lead, and review them. They should enhance teh following aspects of children's development:
    1. Physical
    2. Social
    3. Emotional and psychological
    4. Cognitive
    5. Language and communication
    6. Music, aesthetic and creative
    7. Ethical
  5. Follow supervision requirements
    1. Keep children happy and safe
    2. Manage any challenging behavior
    3. Handle any incidents, including non-routine cases
    4. Do any incident reports as needed
    5. Identify non-normal behaviors and respond appropriately (signs of giftedness, abuse, abnormal development, etc.)
  6. Liaise with parents and carers as necessary
  7. You may be asked either to supervise junior workers on rotating tasks or do them yourself:
    1. Look after the font desk
    2. Oversee the babies' room
    3. Do food preparation
    4. Open up in the morning
    5. Close up at the end of the day
    6. Oversee lunch or snacks:
      • Ensure hygiene and good diet
      • Oversee serving, eating, and cleaning away.


  • When you are given a new task, ask your supervisor to show you how to do it.
  • Ask your supervisor if you get stuck.