Simon waking up

Simon has just woken from his afternoon nap. Tina suggests that he has a stretch, and she'll get him a drink. As Simon has a stretch, Tina starts to make the bed.

a wet spot on the mattress.

As she's pulling back the quilt cover, Tina notices that there is a wet spot on the mattress. She realises that Simon has wet the bed - something he has never done before. Tina looks over at Simon, who starts to cry.

Tina comforting Simon.

Tina tells Simon that it's OK - just an accident. She asks Simon if he would like to have a bath. Simon wriggles uncomfortably away from Tina, and says 'No bath'. Tina asks again, this time saying that it's good to have a bath before you put on clean clothes.

Tina taking off Simon’s top.

Tina gets Simon to agree to a bath. She starts to take off Simon's top, when she notices some heavy bruises around his back. Tina is shocked. She asks Simon 'You've got some bruises on your back Simon, how did they get there?'. Simon just mumbles and looks away.

Tina is concerned that something could be seriously wrong. Simon's behaviour has been unusual lately and she is worried that he may be suffering physical abuse. Simon is crying now, so Tina soothes him with a hug. She promises to be gentle in the bath, and Simon agrees to go with her into the bathroom.