Here you will find a self-assessment document for each Unit of Competency contained within the Cybertots Toolbox. Click the link for each unit to open up the document, which you can then print or save to your own computer. A detailed explanation of RPL/Skills Recognition is provided at the start of each document for you.

Completing this self-assessment will help you to determine whether you could be eligible for RPL/Skills Recognition, however you should always check with your trainer or assessor to find out more about the RPL process.

CHCCHILD401A (Word 110Kb)
Identify and respond to children and young people at risk

CHCCN301A (Word 165Kb)
Ensure the health and safety of children

CHCCN302A (Word 133Kb)
Provide care for children

CHCCN303A (Word 100Kb)
Contribute to provision of nutritionally balanced food in a safe and hygienic manner

CHCCS400A (Word 124Kb)
Work within a relevant legal and ethical framework

CHCFC301A (Word 135Kb)
Support the development of children

CHCIC301D (Word 120Kb)
Interact effectively with children

CHCPR301A (Word 117Kb)
Provide experiences to support children’s play and learning

CHCPR303D (Word 93Kb)
Develop understanding of children’s interests and developmental needs

HLTFA301B (Word 122Kb)
Apply first aid

HLTOHS300A (Word 122Kb)
Contribute to OHS processes

CHCCN305A (Word 113Kb)
Provide care for babies