Welcome to the tour

Cybertots toolbox

Hello and welcome to the tour for the Cybertots Toolbox.

The tour provides an overview of what's in the Toolbox, how it's organised and how to navigate around it.

Each of the page numbers (below, left) goes to an individual page in this tour. You can move your mouse over each button to find out what each page contains, then click to go directly to that page. Or you can use the Prev and Next buttons (below, right) to move through one page at a time.

The home page

The home page
p>This Toolbox supports a total of twelve Units of Competency from the Certificate III in Children's Services (CHC30708).

When you first enter the Toolbox, you’ll arrive at the home page (pictured at left). From here, you can access each of the five projects that the Toolbox contains, and the sections within those projects.

If you are considering applying for RPL, there is a link to self-assessment.

You can also get to other main areas within the Toolbox – everything can be accessed from here.

The Projects

Project page

The five icons on the home page correspond with the projects you'll be covering:

  • Health and safety
  • Caring for children
  • Building relationships
  • Play, development and learning
  • Legal and ethical

Rolling your mouse over each project name reveals the sections within each project. You can click on the project name to go to the start of that project, or click on a section name to go directly to that section.

You can also click on the icons at the top of the page to get to the other main areas within the Toolbox. If a page has more content than can be displayed in your browser window (like this one does) there will be a scroll bar on the right hand side of your screen so you can scroll down to view the ‘hidden’ content.

The Project pages

Project page

Each of the five project pages provides:

  • the names of the sections within the project and an overview of each one
  • the competency info box, with links to the unit information and self-assessment checklists
  • the section checklist box with links to the activity checklist for each section.

So from the project page you can click on a section name to go to that section, access the various checklists, or click on the icons at the top of the page to go to the other main areas within the Toolbox.

Each project has its own little icon, in the case of Health and safety it's the pink duck. This icon sits at the top right of each section page and acts as a signpost, so you always know which project you're in.

The top navigation

Top navigation

There are five buttons at the top of each page, including the Cybertots logo, which takes you back to the home page.

  • Tour – Launches the tour of the Toolbox, which is where you are now of course
  • Resources – Launches the resources and glossary (explained more later)
  • Cybertots intranet – Launches the Cybertots intranet (explained more later)
  • Communication – Launches the Communication function. Your training provider may choose to set up an online communication space for learners to use. They will tell you more about this.

Each of these four areas will open up in a new window, so you can look through them easily without losing your place in the main Toolbox.

The bottom navigation

Bottom navigation

Once you're inside the Toolbox sections, you can navigate through the pages in each section using the bottom navigation. The page numbers are displayed on the left and the Prev (previous) and Next buttons on the right.

Mousing over the page number buttons will reveal the heading of that page, so you can click to go directly there if you wish.

The number of the page you are currently on will be darker than the other numbers.

The Resources

Resources area

Resources contains all the additional information files that are linked to from the section pages, sorted by topic. You can look for information here instead of going to it via a section page if you want to.

Clicking on a topic heading on the left menu reveals the resources available for that topic. You can then click on the one you want to read.

The Cybertots glossary is also part of resources and can be accessed by clicking on the resources button. The glossary is explained later in the tour.

The Resources (continued)

Resources area

Most of the resources in Cybertots can be accessed directly from the page that they relate to. You can recognise them by their bold font and the little file logo alongside their name. Clicking on the name of the Resource will open it up in a new window, so you can keep your place in the main Toolbox.

The Glossary

Glossary area

The Cybertots glossary is part of the resources and can be accessed by clicking on the resources button.

The glossary is an inbuilt dictionary of the words and phrases used in Cybertots that you may need a definition or further explanation for.

If a word or phrase in Cybertots is in blue font and underlined with a pale blue dotted line it means it can be found in the glossary. Clicking on it will take you to the glossary page that explains its meaning.

You can also search or browse through the glossary by clicking on the blue letters at the top.

The Intranet


This is a virtual intranet (internal internet) environment, like you might expect to find in a child care service. It holds five distinct sets of information:

  • About Cybertots – provides information about the history, philosophy and goals of Cybertots Child Care Centre
  • Forms – houses all the forms and templates likely to be used in a child care centre
  • Policies – holds all the Cybertots policies
  • Children's Records – holds the records for each child attending Cybertots
  • Staff Records – holds employment information for the staff of Cybertots

You can access each of these by clicking on the blue buttons at the top of the Cybertots intranet page.

Section pages – features

Section page

You will find several features on the section pages, including audio players and slideshows, and a range of 'action boxes'.

To operate the audio player you will need your speakers or headphones turned on, then just click on the triangular Play icon.

The most important of the boxes is the Activity box, easily identified by its blue building blocks icon and border. This signposts something important to do that forms an essential part of the learning for the section.

The Activity Checklists

Activity checklist

Activity checklists are provided for each section of the Toolbox. These provide a handy tool for learners and trainers to check that they have completed all the activities within a section.

They can be accessed from the final page of each section, by clicking on the icon, or from the section checklists box on each of the project pages.

This concludes the Tour of the Cybertots Toolbox.