Training and assessment materials policy


  1. ACAS training and assessment materials include documents for training and/or assessment where the copyright:
    1. is owned by ACAS,
    2. is licensed to ACAS for use by auspicees, or
    3. is licensed to ACAS for sale to auspicees.
  2. Training and assessment materials may include:
    1. Student workbooks
    2. Textbooks
    3. Teaching guides
    4. Course and unit descriptions
    5. Assessment plans
    6. Assessment tools.
  3. This policy applies to all auspicees offering qualifications for which ACAS has training and assessment materials except those that have already been approved to use their own materials for specific qualifications.
  4. Auspicees will use ACAS training and assessment materials, where ACAS has them.
  5. All training and assessment materials shall have a copyright statement.
  6. When ACAS wholly owns training and assessment materials, they will bear the ACAS name and logo. Auspicees may affix their names and logos as long as the ACAS name and logo are equally prominant.
  7. When ACAS leads workshops to develop new training and assessment materials, ACAS will own the copyright.
  8. All ACAS training and assessment materials will be subject to continual improvement, including:
    1. collation of feedback for review at the conclusion of each course completion,
    2. improvement as educational tools,
    3. changes for compliance purposes (e.g. re-interpretation of standards, change of standards, reducing risk of non-compliance),
    4. creating multiple versions of materials (branching) for different contexts and/or for populations of students with different characteristics,
    5. creating supplementary materials.
  9. ACAS and auspicees should consult regarding the suitability, improvement, supplementing and/or adaptation of ACAS training and assessment materials. Both ACAS and the auspicee must agree on any changes and the change process.
  10. Derivatives of copyrighted works (e.g. new editions and versions, new layouts) remain the property of the original copyright owner. Supplementary materials become the property of ACAS.