Competency info

CHCCN305A Provide care for babies
Unit info (Word 88Kb)
Self-assessment (Word 113Kb)

CHCCN302A Provide care for children
Unit info (Word 92Kb)
Self-assessment (Word 133Kb)

CHCCN303A Contribute to provision of nutritionally balanced food in a safe and hygienic manner
Unit info (Word 80Kb)
Self-assessment (Word 100Kb)

Section checklists

Care for babies (Word 83Kb)
Care for children (Word 92Kb)
Provide nutritional food (Word 83Kb)

Project: Caring for Children

This project has been split into three sections. At the end of each section you can return to this project screen to choose another section or access the links in the boxes on the right.

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  • Caring for babies

    In this section we cover sleep patterns and routines, recognising signs of distress and responding appropriately. You will also learn what is required to design and maintain a safe, clean and interesting environment for young children.

  • Caring for children

    This section will help you to develop the skills needed to provide care for children and help children to understand their physical and emotional needs. You'll learn how you can help the children in your care become independent and learn new skills.

  • Provide nutritional food

    This section looks at planning and preparing nutritional food for babies and children whilst taking into account allergies, cultural and religious requirements, and following safe food handling practices.