Staff policies and forms

Staff policies and forms are already institutional requirements and implementation is being phased in.

Compliance system Compliance system
Course procedure (Steps involved to authorize student enrolment)
Training and assessment strategy (TAS) form (Notes)
Course checklist form
Internal auditor page
Graduation Graduation procedure
Graduation ceremonies and regalia
Staff handbooks Handbook for admissions
Handbook for instructors and assessors
Handbook for training and assessing under supervision
Assessment instructions
Intellectual property and knowledge
Training and assessment materials policy
Staff form Approval to Deliver Form
Assessment validation Instructions | Assessment validation form
Students Handbook for students and prospective students
Auspicees: Student information
Feedback forms The feedback forms are set by a government agency for our reporting requirements. Use the student questionnaire at the end of each qualification program. The ACAS centre collates the employer questionnaires.
Terms of authorisation Terms of authorisation These are now uniform for all ACAS auspicees. Any differentions exist in the cover page of the agreement and in the schedule of fees.
Constitution Rules of the Association
New colleges Program planning: New colleges
Institutional fees Institutional fees (2018)
DGR Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Fund Policy
Financial acquittal template
Rules of the Fund | Certificate | Extract from Act
Other Suspension and expulsion

Interim policies and forms

Interim policies and forms are still under review and are still subject to approval by the Principal.
• They may be used with permission.
• Some of them reflect mandatory requirements.
• Some of them might contain errors, e.g. omit mandatory requirements, add unnecessary paperwork, contain software issues, imply that some things are required when they are only helpful, or that the procedure in the form is an ACAS policy requirement.

Please inform the principal of any policies and procedures that appear contradictory or unsuited to your context.

Compare: ACAS previous general policies handbook | ACAS previous student policies handbook | Worldwide University policies

General policies Access and Equity Policy
Client information policy
Continuous improvement policy
Program planning and preparation Training and assessment strategies policy
Competency mapping assessment tool
Competency mapping learning resources
Industry engagement form
Assessment Assessment policy
Assessor evaluation form
Assessment outcomes tracking form
Complaints and appeals Appeals policy
Appeals procedures
Complaints policy
General management Employer questionnaire
Issuing certificates
Management of RTO
Partnering policy
Staff Centre office: Draft revised job descriptions
Professional development plan template
Other Client assessment evaluation form
Program application and renewal procedure
Recognition procedures
Training resources register
Staff Staff
Professional development plan template