Competency info

CHCCN301A Ensure the health and safety of children
Unit info (Word 117Kb)
Self-assessment (Word 165Kb)

HLTOHS300A Contribute to OHS processes
Unit info (Word 93Kb)
Self-assessment (Word 122Kb)

HLTFA301B Apply first aid
Unit info (Word 92Kb)
Self-assessment (Word 122Kb)

Section checklists

Children's health & safety (Word 79Kb)
OHS practices (Word 79Kb)
Apply first aid (Word 75Kb)

Project: Health and safety

This project has been split into three sections. At the end of each section you can return to this project screen to choose another section.

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  • Children's health and safety

    This section looks at how to provide a safe environment for the children in a child care setting.

  • OHS processes

    In this section, you will explore Occupational Health and Safety issues in a child care centre and how to contribute to a safe working environment for everyone.

  • Apply first aid

    The first aid section looks at the skills and knowledge required to manage incidents and provide first aid.